Corporate Solutions

Human Capital Consulting

WilsonChapman empowers you and your team to reach new levels of productivity from hire to retire.

WilsonChapman skillfully provides the tools needed to navigate delicate complex organizational changes.

Organizations face challenges with interpersonal and corporate communications when driving towards business goals. We help you develop customized, effective change management plans. Working together, you can increase employee engagement and productivity.

Change Management Consulting

Implement organizational changes and cutting-edge technology to increase productivity personally and in your business.

Communications Training Solutions

Equip team members to achieve success through efficient and effective communication.

What sets us apart?

We can create a unique and customized solution that best fits your organization that includes our 3 key areas.


Discovering your needs


Implementing the plan


Developing a solution

Get Equipped With The Tools You Need

We customize interactive programs to fit your needs in leadership development, communication skills, and team effectiveness. 

Understand and Lead with the DiSC Behavioral Assessment Tool

Set goals and objectives, and track progress. The Everything DISC® Assessment is your tool to accomplish clear and expected outcomes. Everything DiSC® solutions and learning programs offer tips, strategies, and action plans to help learners become more effective in the workplace. WilsonChapman Solution Sessions are tailored to your individual DISC® assessment results.