8 Audacious Actions

Envision Possibilities

“If we desire to reach our destination of greatness, we will need to envision possibilities.”

"What is possible for me?"

“WHAT IS POSSIBLE FOR ME?” is a tough question we need to ask often. For many of us, it can seem unrealistic to imagine a reality different from the one we live today and reaching new and better heights. Many of us have lived with limiting belief systems for so long we don’t believe we can accomplish life’s essential tasks, let alone greatness. Whether these beliefs come from our parents, friends, teachers, or nosey neighbors, we accept some small picture of our future. Looking forward to a future where only the sky is the limit is liberating. But how do we step forward, with our eye on the prize?

To succeed, despite our circumstances, we have to diligently battle negative thoughts and change our speech. We often believe our dreams and goals are impossible to achieve because of numerous reasons.

When you realize you cannot grow further at your current company, then it’s time to expand your vision.

“Monitoring what we consume while endeavoring to reach greatness is another way to shift our perspectives and open our minds.”

In The Climb

Envision Possibilities


Madam C.J. Walker

MADAM C. J. WALKER was born in 1867, right after the Emancipation Proclamation. By age seven, she had lost both parents. To survive, Walker worked as a domestic servant for several years.

She envisioned a better life for her and her daughter, so she took a job selling hair care products.

After a long time working at her dream with her unstoppable persistence, she was able to build a house, a factory, laboratory, hair salon, and a beauty school. Walker became the first self-made female millionaire when women were not expected to be much more than housewives.

Becoming a millionaire was impossible for a woman, especially a Black woman, until Madame C.J. Walker paved the way. While becoming a millionaire may not be your goal, Walker’s life is an inspiration and model for steps we can take when we look at seemingly impossible goals.

Just like Madame C.J. Walker did, challenge yourself to envision possibilities and a better way of life and then move toward it with all your strength.