8 Audacious Actions

Exemplify Tenacity

“Our ability to be tenacious will largely dictate if we make it or not.”

There Will Be Obstacles...

THERE WILL BE OBSTACLES along the way to accomplish our goals, so our ability to be tenacious will largely dictate if we make it or not… One day, I decided I was going to be me, come what may. I had achieved enough promotions to leadership roles. I didn’t need any more awards or bonuses or kudos emails. I just wanted to be free to be Markiesha. So, I did. Little by little, I made more jokes more often, wearing more braids, and speaking up more. This is when I started to love my work.

Bloom where you are planted. Sometimes you have to stay where you are and find ways to stand out. Often, we want to go somewhere else to be successful, but often we are avoiding the hard work staring us in the face.

Make peace of mind your priority by deciding to reduce the amount of confusion, stress, and resentment you allow to rule your mind. When confusion clouds your mind, pause and spend some time searching for clarity.

"Never say anything to yourself that you would not say to a child. Speaking negatively to yourself can kill your motivation, focus, and will to pursue your goals. Speak to yourself the same way you would to encourage a child to do their best."

In The Climb

Exemplify Tenacity


Women behind “Black Lives Matter”

PATRISSE CULLORS, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi founded the Black Lives Matter movement after an armed white man was acquitted for the murder of Trayvon Martin, a seventeen-year-old unarmed Black young man. As civil rights activists, these women face criticism from every angle, yet they tenaciously hold to their vision. No matter what opposition they have faced, they push forward to fight against systemic racism, police brutality, mass incarceration, and prejudice of every type. They are also fighting to support Black men and women, especially the most marginalized, such as those who are transgender or have disabilities. Although similar movements have fought for these same rights, at present, the Black Lives Matter movement is the largest in the world.

These women model how to unite and fight passionately for what and who we believe in regardless of the odds. Standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves can be difficult to do alone. However, joining forces with like-minded individuals who are passionate about the progress of people can make a powerful impact on generations to come.