8 Audacious Actions

Engage Opportunities

“Dreams are accomplished by engaging in the opportunities that come our way.”

Many have dreams... but struggle to achieve them

I BELIEVE DREAMS ARE God’s way of getting His work accomplished on earth. God gives us dreams to bring about His master plan. As His plan unfolds, opportunities are presented, which lead us to fulfilling our dreams—but only if we engage in them… Dreams cost. If there is anything we want to do tomorrow that isn’t being done today, we need to find ways to fund it. Unless you are in the top 10 percent of Americans and considered wealthy, you will have to save some money and prepare yourself financially to achieve your goals. Planning the execution is as important as dreaming the dream, if not more. 

Many people have dreams but struggle to achieve them. They talk for months, years, and even decades about waiting for the right time, or for when they’ll have enough money, or when their kids grow up, or when they retire.

If you are serious about your dream, the practical process is to move from a dream, to a goal, to a plan, to an action, and then ultimately to reaching achievement.

A first step in running after your dreams is to eliminate debt. This can be done initially when you stop buying unnecessary things. Chances are we do not need more shoes, a new designer bag, or a brand-new car to keep up with the Jones’s.

In The Climb

Engage Opportunities


Harriet Tubman

HARRIET TUBMAN is perhaps one of the most strategic executors of plans in history. Harriet, also known as Black Moses, conducted more than a dozen trips over an eleven-year period to lead slaves from Maryland to freedom in Philadelphia.

Having carefully orchestrated three thousand known conductors of the Underground Railroad, she carried out her dream of freedom for herself, her family, and many others despite the extremely harsh realities she had to endure.

Harriet Tubman’s life is a shining example of how dreams can get fulfilled, regardless of the hardships, when plans are executed in reality.