8 Audacious Actions

Embrace Serenity

“When we avoid opening up to deal with pain from the past out of fear of future hurt, we can lose the opportunity to experience serenity.”

We Must Find Rest Along The Journey

THRIVING IN OUR CAREERS and finding joy in life requires a lot of work, but we must also find rest and peace along the journey. It’s not healthy to run this race without taking time to relax our minds and care for our bodies. Living in a peaceful state is beneficial to our overall health and well-being. Countless diseases, conditions, and ailments have been linked to living a stress-filled life.

More medications are prescribed for health conditions related to stress than any other. Americans, in particular, are the most medicated society on Earth. Yet, we know there are numerous ways to avoid stress.

To get peace in my life, I had to accept lots of things I did not want to accept, forgive a bunch of acts I did not want to forgive, and have an attitude of gratitude instead of a just a bad attitude.

"In all my living, working, parenting, and learning, I believe having peace is the most important part of achieving success, thriving in my career, and finding joy in living... Acceptance, forgiveness, and gratitude are secrets to finding serenity in life and in the workplace."

In The Climb

Envision Possibilities


Oprah Winfrey

OPRAH WINFREY, a philanthropist, media mogul, and actress has enjoyed a lifetime of success—but only after forgiving those who hurt her. Oprah suffered from sexual abuse from family members and emotional abuse from her mother. Yet as she moved through life, she found forgiveness was the key to her peace.

She talks often about her favorite definition of forgiveness from Dr. Gerald G. Jampolsky who said, “It is about letting go of our perception that we need to hold a grievance for the rest of our lives…. It’s really about letting go of the past we thought we wanted. We can’t really change that past.”

Oprah accepted this principle, and it has led her to experience freedom and serenity.

As one of the most successful women of our time, Oprah credits her ability to forgive as the key to living her best life. Forgiveness is certainly linked to finding serenity.